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Anup Reddy Perati, CEO of Lasdax

Lasdax was awarded 'The Best StartUp of The Year'
while its CEO, Perati Anup Reddy, received an honorary mention at The Bloomberg Regional Awards

    According to the Bloomberg Financial Survey, LASDAX, a multi-million dollar profitable financial startup valued between $200 million to $250 million, is poised to become the fastest bootstrapped Unicorn in Dubai by 2027. Under the adept leadership of its Founder-CEO, Anup Reddy Perati, LASDAX has significantly accelerated its investment activities in 2023 and is actively pursuing the establishment of offices in Bern (Switzerland), Gurgaon (India), and Bangkok (Thailand) by the conclusion of 2024. 

    LASDAX originated in July 2021 at the founder's residence in New York before expanding to Dubai in November of the same year. Beginning with a team of merely six employees, it has since burgeoned into a robust team of 65, the majority of whom are graduates of the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Remarkably, LASDAX's current COO, Hayley Mathews, shares an MIT alumni connection with the CEO, further enriching the cohesion of their leadership team. The meteoric rise of LASDAX to prominence culminated in it being recognized as the best startup in the Middle East by Bloomberg in 2022. Such exponential growth has empowered LASDAX to acquire majority shareholdings in four U.S.-based entry-level startups. Initially providing complimentary stock advisory services to select High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNI) in its inaugural year, LASDAX now commands a substantial fee of $75,000 per annum for the same service as of mid-2023.

    With their expansion strategies, assets, and financial reports in consideration, Bloomberg has identified LASDAX as the prospective fastest bootstrapped Unicorn headquartered in Dubai. Paul Hawkins, an analyst at Bloomberg, foresees LASDAX's revenues tripling by 2027, propelled by robust financials, an expanding subscriber base, and viable expansion blueprints.  Nevertheless, challenges persist, as noted by Hawkins. LASDAX's modest aspirations present a contrast to its remarkable achievements thus far. Despite boasting a workforce predominantly composed of individuals under 30 years old, LASDAX's COO underscored the company's unwavering commitment to an employee-centric ethos during a recent awards ceremony. She emphasized the prioritization of employee welfare over financial metrics, even hinting at potential delays in expansion initiatives. The firm's steadfast adherence to a zero-debt policy further underscores its unique approach. While LASDAX's success is undeniable, the viability of such a non-traditional approach in today's competitive landscape raises questions. With abundant resources and CEO Anup Reddy Perati's influential connections within the U.S. hierarchy, LASDAX's trajectory remains subject to speculation. While Bloomberg analysts foresee further growth, only time will reveal the ultimate outcome.

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