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Despite being less than a year old, Lasdax was awarded 'The Best StartUp of The Year'
while its CEO, Perati Anup Reddy, got an honorary mention at The Bloomberg Awards-2022

    Despite beginning its operations less than a year ago, LASDAX, an investment firm founded and led by its talented CEO, Perati Anup Reddy, is setting new benchmarks in the industry. It began operating in July 2021 with a group of 8 employees at the founder's residence in New York and then expanded to Dubai in November. Lasdax's Dubai office currently has around 50 employees and now serves as its primary hub of operations. 

    Lasdax gained popularity after it became the first start-up in its history to bag more than a single nomination for The Bloomberg Regional Awards. It bagged 3 nominations - 'Best Startup of The Year', 'Best Company to Work for', and 'Entrepreneur of The Year'. It eventually won the award as the best startup and its CEO, Perati Anup Reddy, received an honorary mention for his outstanding leadership capabilities. The award shall be presented during Bloomberg MEA's Annual Tech Gala in August 2022.

    Many credit Lasdax's success to its Founder and CEO, Perati Anup Reddy. He is said to come from a very humble background in India & made his name during his time as a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Such was his talent that he went on to intern at NASA and a U.S Federal Agency before he was 20. He then took a high-paying job in Singapore before leaving to work for Accor (A.L.L) Group as their Independent Director. Despite being just 27 years at the time of writing, he is regarded as an exceptional leader and a visionary, partly explaining Lasdax's success in such a short time. In fact, he was touted as a future CEO during his stint in Singapore. We spoke to a current Lasdax employee who said that Anup does not interfere in daily business. "There is freedom, ownership, and decision-making power. Employee churn is virtually non-existent. Even when things go wrong, Anup does not blame his team. Anyone can talk to him and discuss ideas. He trusts the team he has built. He always carries a smile and is literally the most humble person I've ever come across," says a mid-level executive at Lasdax. It's interesting to note that more than half of the employees currently employed at Lasdax are graduates of The MIT Sloan Business School and CEO Anup continues to personally handpick his team. In fact, Lasdax's current Chief Operating Officer, Hayley, is one of Anup's classmates. Anup was also a recipient of a presidential award and was elected as 'The World's Most Valuable Student' by Forbes during his MIT days.

    Lasdax recently rejected a merger with a leading investment firm. It is valued at around ($ 65-75 Million) by various agencies and industry experts. It became one of the rare startups in the region to declare more than $1 Million in profit within a year. Many are of the belief that Lasdax will go on to achieve 'Unicorn' status in the next couple of years. Lasdax is actively looking to expand to both, Singapore & Switzerland in 2023 and is also actively working on an alternate business idea in India. Lasdax intends to diversify its business in the near future and is said to be adopting different plans for different countries.

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