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Anup Reddy Perati, CEO of Lasdax

Lasdax was awarded 'The Best StartUp of The Year'
while its CEO, Perati Anup Reddy, got an honorary mention at The Bloomberg Regional Awards

    According to the Bloomberg Financial Survey, LASDAX, a multi-million dollar profitable financial startup valued between $200 Million - $250 Million, is tipped to be the fastest boot-strapped Unicorn in Dubai by 2027. Being led from the front by its talented Founder-CEO, Anup Reddy Perati, LASDAX has ramped up its investment pace in 2023 and is actively looking to open its offices in Bern (Switzerland), Gurgaon (India), and Bangkok (Thailand) by the end of 2024. LASDAX was started at the founder's residence in New York in July 2021 and then expanded to Dubai in November of the same year. It started with 6 employees back then and is now a strong team of 65, most of whom are graduates of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its current COO, Hayley Mathews, was a classmate of the CEO during their MIT days. LASDAX rose to fame after being recognized as the best startup in the Middle East by Bloomberg in 2022. Such has been its growth that it now has a majority shareholding in 4 U.S-based entry-level startups. LASDAX reportedly provided complimentary stock advisory services to a select few HNI and UHNI in their first year of operation and as of mid-2023, they are charging a hefty fee of $75,000 per annum for the same.

    Given their expansion plans, assets, and financial reports, Bloomberg has tipped LASDAX to be the fastest boot-strapped Unicorn based out of Dubai. Paul Hawkins, an analyst working with Bloomberg predicted LASDAX revenues to triple by 2027 owing to healthy financials, an increased subscriber base, and viable expansion plans. "Challenges however remain", Hawkins says. "They do not have any lofty ambitions! Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic firm and the success they have had is exceptional, especially with 90-95% of its employees aged 30 or under. However, the COO mentioned during a recent awards event that LASDAX will always continue to be an employee-centric firm and that financials do not matter to them as long as they don't see a 'RED' portfolio. She always spoke of an employee-centric approach and even mentioned delaying their expansion plans beyond a considerable timeline. LASDAX, in her words, is a zero-debt company and will continue to stay that way. Yes, success is evident and they will certainly go on to be a Unicorn someday or the other. But, such an approach in this competitive world is questionable. They have the resources every other company will strive for. Its CEO, Anup Reddy Perati has fantastic connections with the current U.S. hierarchy. Will they build on it? We think so but only time shall speak!"

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